Eurocave store

Eurocave, the world’s premier producer of wine cabinets, has opened its doors in the Philippines through their official retail partner the Lucerne Group.

Each of their French-made cabinets is designed to maintain an environment ideal for maturing and chilling wine. An internal system ensures the temperature and humidity levels are kept constant, while the frame is filled with polyurethane foam that replicates the insulation of four meters of concrete. Ultraviolet light, which can adversely alter the taste of wine, is also blocked out by special coating on the cabinets’ glass doors.

The overall structure was designed to reduce vibrations up to 20 times less than competitor cabinets, guaranteeing the chemical composition of wine stored inside remains unaltered.

Beyond wine storage, all models of Eurocave cabinets have been certified to have low energy emissions and are virtually noiseless when operating.

Visit the Eurocave Boutique at One Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City to find the most suitable wine cabinet for your home.

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