Steinway Spirio

Imagine having front row seats to your favorite musician’s concert every day, for the rest of your life. That magical experience is what Steinway’s self-playing piano, Spirio, was designed for.

With a few swipes on the complimentary iPad, you can go through a vast selection of the world’s best artists—living and immortal—and immediately bring your piano to life with their performances. Each piece of music is recorded through proprietary audio translation software, showcasing the nuances in a pianist’s full range of motion and emotion with utmost accuracy.

Spirio’s high-resolution playback system allows its listeners to enjoy Steinway artists such as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Art Tatum, Martha Argerich, and Lang Lang as if they were performing a private recital at your home, just for you. “Buying a piano does not have to mean waiting for a pianist to play it at home,” Lang Lang himself said about Spirio.

There will always be something new to listen to—Spirio’s library is expanded every month through the Cloud, complete with videos and specially curated playlists for every mood and occasion.

Each Spirio is made in the same way Steinway pianos have been for decades: lovingly and expertly handcrafted. The Spirio technology is seamlessly inserted into the piano, leaving the sound quality and functionality of the instrument completely unaffected. 

So whether you’d want to spend an evening listening to a performance or playing a piece or two yourself, the Steinway & Sons Spirio makes for a great companion. 

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